sexta-feira, 24 de maio de 2013

Farewell, Z

Dear Diary,
Today I am slightly depressed, and though I know I haven't written on you for a long time, I hope you find home for forgiveness in your white pages, for I have to tell this to someone.

I lost Z, and I will not be able to retrieve it.

I was exploring the world while intangible, and ended up asphixiated inside the ground below the ocean. Z was encased inside the cold, cold rocks of the ocean floor.
Farewell, Z. I shall always remember the adventures we went together, and all the enemies that fell before your deadly presence.

sexta-feira, 13 de julho de 2012


Dear Diary,

Today I joined the Attuned.
I've heard about this group for a while now, and their power appear to be really impressive. Though I had to part with some of my archery-related abilities (which pained me greatly), I believe the benefits of it, on the long run, will make it worth the trouble.
I will have to train harder to get back the archery mastery that I had before, though.

Today, also, a new member joined the Order. He is a garou, and while I've killed many of his kind before (oh, how I hope he never finds that out), I don't see a reason to not let him join. He is a fellow archer, an I won't let a thing like race get in the way of the Order. When I think about it, my race's hatred for his race comes from a era long gone, wich neither me nor him had any part in.
That's ridiculous, and I wish not to be part of this.

terça-feira, 10 de julho de 2012

Dying and Bows

Dear Diary,
I died today. For the 24th time.

 I went to Vargan's gladiatorial arena (don't judge me, it's a great place to get real combat experience), and at the 8th floor I met a garou lupine, who I foolishly attacked. Joke's on me, I guess, they hit harder than I thought.
 The problem was: I ended up in the Temple of Discordia.
 Don't get me wrong, I like that place, they have the magical articles seller that sold me my quiver!
 But it's a CONTINENT away of Vargan, and guess what's there between them? Mountains.
Freaking. Big-Ass. Mountains.
 Normally I can simply fly over them using my bodysuit made of mist or something, but you see, my corpse, and my items, were at the 8TH FLOOR of Vargan's gladiatorial arena. More importantly, my BOW was there.

 Let me tell you something about my bow: It's my most prized possession. It's made of erivelin and solid chaos, bought from Zol, a dana bowyer who is recluse and almost never shows up at his shop. Its metallic body changes colours constantly, and was reforged by a friend of mine to the point of becoming a true masterpiece. So, to sum things up, it's pretty badass.

 And I call it Z.

Without Z, and ammuniton, I am screwed if enter combat, thus, I had to go through 8 levels of that arena without caughting attention to myself. Talk about survival horror.

 But, thanks Doppel, I got through it, and got my things back.

So, in the end, I learned a valuable lesson today.

Do not. Fuck. With the lupines.

segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2012

Dear Diary (I can't believe I am writing this)

It makes me blush when I think about what I am doing. For Doppel! I am a 15 year old male sekh! I've always thought this kind of stuff was for little human girls, faeries and dana!
But... the night is long and lonesome. And Morrigan, my crow familiar, isn't very talkative, so I see little to no choice but to write this, at least to avoid being consumed by boredom.
I suppose introductions are necessary at this point. Maybe in some years they will find this diary, and talk about this amazing discovery about the inner working of Circeo Carver's life, or something.

My name is Circeo Carver, not that you couldn't have guessed it.
I was born and raised in Losthaven, wonderful place.
I am a member of the Verynvelyrae (Wow, that is difficult to write).
I am an archer, leader of the Order of the True Shot, and proudly so.

It's hard being an archer, for some reason. Receiving an arrow directly to the chest isn't enough to stop most things that roam around, so you need to pick up several tricks and techniques that enable you to kill the more dangerous stuff.

It isn't easy, but then, if I wanted something easy, I wouldn't be an archer.

Because it's difficult to be an archer, I created a company whose only purpose is to research new techniques and provide services that aid archery.